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What is TrailerSpots?  TrailerSpots is 30 seconds of  passion, emotion and direction providing programed imagination.  A TrailerSpot leaves the viewers with interest, intrigue and questions.  These are the 3 most powerful emotions to induce a reaction.  This makes TrailerSpots one of the most powerful tools to cross a message, creating the awareness to talk about with others (word of mouth).  TrailerSpots  is driven and focused by a musical artist and performance in which delivers a passionate message of a movie, script, idea, product and/or service.  It's a very easy concept to understand but not easy to create.  When you listen to music and/or watch an artist performing music,  most of the time you think about things or imagine possibilities and/or adventures or discoveries in your mind.  With TrailerSpots we create your discoveries, adventures, possibilities and imagination.  We program 3 to 9 separate tone layers within and behind the music that induces happiness, adrenaline, motivation, emotion, inspiration and most of all, passion.   This is one of the most powerful subliminal tools ever to hit the market place.   TrailerSpots is not a commercial.  It is not a Theatrical Trailer.  It is not a promo.  It is a one of a kind spot that reaches into the subliminal mind.  This emotion dictates the visuals and self of a product, service and/or event to the one who is watching and listening.  We like to call TrailerSpots"Directed Imagination".  If you want to see for yourself, click on the "TrailerSpots" button at the top of this page and make sure the sound is loud with bass.  If you have audio that provides good bass and sound, you will experience exactly what it does.  Please take note, if you don't have good audio/video equipment, you might not get the full affect.  Remember, this is designed for 5.1 / 7.1 / Dolby / THX / 4D sound in a movie theatre presented in HD 1080P.

Who can have a TrailerSpot?  Anyone that has a movie, trailer, idea, script, treatment, book, story, idea, talent, product and/or service.  All submissions require approval.